Dec 15, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, Oh...NO!

Today we went to go see Santa. I really didn't know what I was going get with this kid. Sometimes she all about Santa, sometimes not! It went good except we were next in line and she decide she had to go potty. So I was a little worried Ken would "mark her territory" but lucky for Santa she held it.

I couldn't get this kid off of Santa's lap! And than those kiosk salesman, why do they have to be so pushy?? Finally we left the mall. Only to come home to this:

Luckily I took all the ornaments off that layer just in case. Remember, I told you our tree was broken. Now it's really, really broken!

So I took off the bottom layer and now this is what it looks like:

Yes, a little goofy looking, so I'm open to any idea's?? I couldn't bring myself to toss the bottom's the german in me!

So I did a little more Christmas decorating...

All of the greenery is from the branches from our tree.

Finally, I saw this wreath idea on this blog. All I did was decoupaged wrapping paper on a wooden G.

Now I think my house is ready for Santa!


Jamie Lea said...

I think the tree looks great, my kids would say "more room for Santa to leave gifts" *lol* I think it all looks great.

mommagurl32 said...

Your tree made me giggle. Great use for those extra branches...ver creative!

shelia day said...

way to re-use. i knew there was a little recycler in you! :)

Carol said...

I had that happen to one of my trees once. Like Jamie Lea said, more room for presents!

Merry Christmas!