Nov 12, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday

Kendall had her birthday party at Bisque Bistro this year.  She is really into drawing and painting since starting school. She just had a couple of her little friends from her class and her cousin. By far this was the easiest party I have ever had. Why did it take me 6 years to figure out to not have a party at my house?
Thanks to Pinterest a little cheetah duct tape around regular water bottles adds a little sass to the party.

Nov 9, 2011


I am a product junky! I use to work at a day spa where I had access to some of the best products, so I am a bit of a snob when it comes to beauty products. I found this website for $10 a month you get 4 to 5 samples ( good size, not the 1 use and trash it size) of all different kinds of beauty products. I got my first package the other day and I got some Borghese brightening mud mask, J R Watkins foot repair salve,Anastasia lip gloss ( which I will be sporting on our girls night to Wurstfest) and some Shalimar pefume.

I know what I will be doing tonight... Is it sad that I get excited over such small things?;)

Nov 7, 2011

6 good deeds....

Today my baby turns 6. I found this idea on Pinterst so on Saturday we set out to do 6 random acts of kindness.

1- Take doughnuts to the local fire station. We did interrupt their morning workout but for chocolate glazed doughnuts, they didn't seem to mind.

2- Take crafts to hospital waiting room.

3- Locks for Love. This is the second time Kendall has cut all her hair off for them!

4- Gave a homeless person a little care package. And a handwritten note that said you are special.

5- Brought breakfast for everyone in Kendall's class today. Sorry I didnt think to take a picture of that.

6- Taped quarters to a gumball machine with a note that said have a gumball on us.

We had a great time doing all these! She was more excited than I thought she would be about each one. I think will be a annual thing.