Dec 15, 2013

Christmas {2013}

Welcome to my little farmhouse! It's been a couple of years since I've done a Tour of Homes. So grab a cup of coffee and take a look around!

I just love the look of those full tree's. But I don't have a ton of ornaments so that mesh wire ribbon really helps. I have a tendency to change my decorations up every couple of years. But I've stuck with the red, lime green and white for a while now.  

One thing I always do is get those plain wooden ornaments that you can get at Hobby Lobby paint it and put a picture of Ken in it. Over the last 8 years its so funny to see how much she has changed.

The manger scene always goes under the tree. My Grandma did it and we do too. This is my Great Grandma's.

So a couple of years ago we had a Christmas tree that broke. So I've put the old branches to good use.  

Some of my Santa collection. This is my make shift mud room area. I managed to crop out all the backpacks, lunch boxes and the stuff that is dropped by the back door as soon as we come home.

Of course, Elfie has made his appearance. He has done some naughty things. Like, drew a Rudolph nose on Kendie while she slept.

Thanks to Pinterest, I got this idea. We try to do something everyday, but if not we make up on the weekends. This is our first time to do a advent calendar and its a big hit.

I hope you enjoyed my house! Merry Christmas form our home to yours!